Free Trial

What you can expect at your on arrival?

Your friendly & experienced trainer will be at the session setting up ten minutes before the session begins, The trainer will welcome you and ask for a brief overview about how you are, what your fitness goals are and what you enjoy.

We will try to introduce you to a couple of the founding members who can work with you for the session, then we go into a dynamic warm up begins, this will last 10-12 minutes then we circle up and a brief description of the session will be given by the trainer.

The main session at your first free trial.

Then we head into the main session, this is different every week. We strongly believe in working to the level you feel comfortable so you can do as much as you like. Typically there is an element of cardio, an element of strength work and some resistance work.

Ten Minutes before the end we warm down, head into a core set and stretch. At the end of the session you will be given a brief overview of One Element, then you can head home for a shower.

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2. Your PAR-Q

I confirm that I have not been told by my Doctor that I have a heart condition. I have not felt pain in my chest when I exercise or in the last three months. I do not know of any reason why I should not do exercise. I am aware that if I have any physical symptoms during or after the training session it is my responsibility to mention it to the trainer. I am aware of my own limits and will work within these.

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