Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a typical One Element class like?

    It’s friendly, fast paced and fun. As unlikely as it may seem, putting yourself through your paces, outside, whatever the weather, is pretty addictive – that’s why we have a staggeringly high rate of first timers coming back for more!

  • What can I expect?

    Ten minutes before the session starts the trainer sets up, and ensures the space is safe (marking any uneven ground etc). You will be greeted by the trainer and introduced to some of the regular members.

  • Warm Up

    We begin by working into a 12 minute warm up, gradually building in intensity but only working within a range of approx. 25m. You can do as much or as little as you like, provided you have sufficiently awakened your muscles ready for the main session. There is no peer pressure - you alone will feel how hard to push yourself. However, the trainers and members know each other by name and will be motivating each other throughout the session.

  • Main Set

    The main body of the session lasts about 40 minutes and differs every week. It is run in an area no larger than 100m x 50m. The training has been developed by our panel of top sports and fitness coaches and athletes. We are often complimented by members on our fresh ideas for training, so it becomes neither repetitive nor dull, but the body is being tested to the same degree, whatever the session.

    The ever changing weeks blend into a carefully designed progression of speed, strength and endurance. If you commit to attending over even just a two month period, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ll have progressed.

  • Finish

    We finish each session with a spot of core training and a good stretch, which is also when you will be told about all the upcoming events and socials we run during the month ahead.

    You will leave a One Element training session feeling energetic and positive – that’s a promise! If you don’t believe me, just join the Facebook forum and ask a member.

  • How long are the sessions?

    All our sessions run for one hour, unless otherwise stated

  • Will I be shouted at?

    Absolutely not! We are not a boot camp, we are here to help you achieve your fitness goals. We have determinedly developed a fun and positive environment.

  • I’ve registered on the website, do I need to book my free trial class?

    Nope, you can just turn up at any session, unannounced, and your trainer will be there to welcome you to the fold.

  • Do I have to be really fit to join One Element?

    Anyone can join. Honestly. In fact, coach potatoes and fitness-phobes are positively encouraged. If you’re sharp enough to want to improve your health and wellbeing, or lose some extra pounds, you’re fit enough to join One Element. We have members from age 18 to 70+. They all have at least two things in common – an enthusiasm work to their own ability, and a generosity of spirit to motivate each other.

  • Do I need to attend a fitness assessment before I start?

    One Element has developed a ‘health contract’. It is an acknowledgement from you to us that you do not have any symptoms or have not suffered in the past from any conditions or symptoms that might stop you from exercise (these could include chest pain, injuries, back pain, or any other debilitating physical ailment). If you are unsure you must talk to your Doctor before signing up to train. We also insist that you tell your trainer straight away if you feel any symptoms during the session.

    In turn, as part of this contract, One Element’s trainers commit to ensuring your environment is as safe as possible and the session is run professionally with your wellbeing as our number one priority.

  • Do I need to check with a doctor before I go to a class?

    If you have had any physical symptoms that could prevent you from training, if you are unsure as to how your body would react to an hour’s physical activity, or if you are pregnant, do talk to your GP before you start training with us.

  • What should I wear?

    A good pair of trainers, t-shirt and a track suit, shorts,or running leggings. We’re not fashion conscious. The trick is wearing layers – bringing one waterproof outer top, as you never quite know what weather will hit.

  • Where are your classes – and where exactly on the common or in the park will I find you?

    You should see a One Element Flag like marking the spot we train in. We train at many locations in South West London, please explore them on the locations page.

  • Do I need to bring my own water?

    Yes. Most people bring water to keep hydrated throughout. A 1 litre bottle would be best.

  • Do we train if its raining, snowing or dark?

    Yep, we will train in all conditions. In fact the cold/rain/snow or darkness really raises the energy of the session. We love the Winter, and so will you in no time.

  • Can I use parks other than the one I registered to?

    Yes, you can train in any park you like, just turn up, say hi to the trainer and join in.

  • Can I bring a friend along?

    Yes of course! Just ask them to click the Free Trial button in the top right hand corner of the website and complete the short form and we look forward to welcoming them along.

  • Can I cancel my monthly membership at any time?

    Yes, we just need 7 days notice before your next payment is due. Please note this is after your initial 3 month minimum membership. Simply email with your reason for cancelling and we will be in touch to confirm the process.

  • How is my payment calculated if I join mid month?

    Your payment starts the moment you set up your DD, and lasts a calendar month from this date. Your debit is taken generally about 10 days later.

  • Session block - Can I suspend my session blocks due to injury?

    If it looks like you’ll be out for anything longer than a month, then yes, just let us know.

  • I’m pregnant, can I continue with my Training?

    Provided you have spoken to your doctor and they are happy for you to continue your training then yes. Just please do tell the trainer as they will be able to tell you which exercises to do and not to do.

  • Our records

    We like to keep records of our members’ attendance, to reward the exceptional regulars, so please make sure your trainer has taken a note of your attendance at their session. This will also help us help you monitor your success.

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